This SEM photo of a hookworm’s head is so beautiful and vivid I thought I was looking at a digital painting. I want to frame this on the wall.

Hookworms are precious

I would call this “joyfully satisfied”.

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Rose of Jericho

Photo Set


More from the cooperhewitt! Here’s another museum cats entry—what I guess is an exhibit catalog of sorts. Zoo Party was an event at the Central Park Zoo on Thursday, May 16, 1968 put on by the NY district chapter of the American Institute of Interior Designers to benefit The Cooper Union Museum Acquisition Fund. This was at a pivotal time, as The Cooper Union Museum, which had been closed for 5 years before this event, officially became a part of the Smithsonian. Tony award winning Broadway star Nancy Dussault was apparently the entertainment for the day. 

Here’s where the Smithsonian Collections Search and library resources can come together to get a bit more context on the objects in our collections. The stoneware figure of a cat pictured above can be seen on Cooper Hewitt’s collections website. It is also findable with an easy search on, where you can search objects across the Smithsonian. Finally, the Libraries’ copy of this catalog, Zoo Party, is available for anyone from those casually interested in the topic to researchers and historians.

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A cat amongst the collection

Originally posted on Wellcome Collection blog:

In honour of #MuseumCats (head over to Culture Themes to find out more), we’re taking a look through Wellcome Collection’s clowder of cat-related material: from scientific accounts to historical satire; from safe sex posters to Henry Wellcome’s very own felines. Follow us on Twitter for a cornucopia of kitty caboodle. Meanwhile, Russell Dornantells…

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All you need is a Vampire Squid Bumbershoot Duvet


I have published Bumbershoot (it of the WIP-title Umbrella) for your enjoyment. (hopefully)

If you click on the link, you’ll see more.The story also contains some fun links, so be sure to check them out.

If you’re an educator you have probably already encountered the Book Creator app. I used it for the video. It is very easy to use.…

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cat5 cat1 cat3 cat4 copy cat b&w cat copytoo catA clowder of claws

A pause of paws

A little let-up, a little lull

A caesura of the daily beat…

Let’s put up our feet.

Postings will resume…sometime



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Star of the week: Antares is Heart of the Scorpion
Larry Sessions,

Bright reddish Antares – also known as Alpha Scorpii – is easy to spot on a summer night. It is the brightest star – and distinctly reddish in color – in the fishhook-shaped pattern of stars known as the constellation Scorpius the Scorpion. Follow…

Heart of Scorpius


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Wow, it’s Hot!


So Cool!

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